Company Philosophy

We are driven by the desire to make a difference in peoples lives. We want to promote good health naturally and offer an opportunity to transform dreams into reality. To help people take control of their lifestyle in many ways.

We do this by first creating effective high quality products that cause thousands of distributors to tell us to keep the formulas and quality control at the highest level Ė utilizing pharmaceutical quality manufacturing levels at all times. Second, we offer a compensation plan with very high payouts because we know that our success is directly tied to distributor motivation. Third, we support distributors with training, materials, teaching aides, product information, conference and conventions. Fourth, we recognize and reward success with promotions to higher ranks and prizes. Fifth, we invest in research and development to always look for the state of the art in future product opportunities and enhancing our current formulas. Finally, while we are a worldwide company, we operate like family and appreciate everyone connected with our company. We simply enjoy everyone who engages with us in this phenomenal business. We have been privileged with truly remarkable and wonderful relationships. People that inspire us to give our best to serve distributors and consumers.

This philosophy of doing business is our Founderís Heritage and one we commit ourselves to everyday. We really have fun coming to work every morning and leave with anticipation of good fortune when the day is done. This is HeritageÖthis is who we are.