Success Stories

house-nice.jpgJ. Paul Getty Success Principles:

1. “Find products that no one has and everyone needs – products which are consumed and must be replaced, and market them.”

2. “Position ourselves so that we can earn income from the efforts of others in the marketing process.”

Bringing the vision of HERITAGE to life was a major undertaking. Qualified management and industry leaders spent hundreds of hours developing and planning the HERITAGE strategy. Our products will capitalize on billion dollar markets, benefit humankind, and can become standard household items. Our unique communications and computerized ordering, fulfillment, and qualification systems are state of the art, another example of our always being a step ahead of any competition. These advantages, combined with the finest products available and the most effective training and marketing materials in history, virtually ensure success to those who are willing to put forth the effort to reach for their dreams. It is obvious that the HERITAGE opportunity represents a revolutionary approach to helping average people enjoy above average health and wealth while working together for a common cause. Our well trained global marketing force will be capable of delivering products to homes around the world more effectively, more efficiently, and more profitably than any other marketing system. In short, HERITAGE is the most exciting, effective, well organized, and profitable direct marketing venture in history!

The opportunity is available to those who join us to capitalize on the tidal wave of momentum and growth created by these innovations. Such a pivotal opportunity may only come along once in a lifetime. Today more support and technology is available than ever before to anyone choosing to capitalize on this opportunity. Now is the time to take charge of our lives and determine our own destinies. Our future and the future of our children depend on the decisions we make today.