Why Choose Heritage

How many of us have worked hard and been dedicated to our jobs for years, yet have no financial stability to show for it? Aren’t we still vulnerable to layoffs? Can’t we still be fired? Have our employers given us the equity in the company we deserve? What rewards do we receive for contributing to our companies’ profits: a share of the profits we helped produce? Or do we get cheap plaques for our desks and empty titles for our business cards? What will our rewards be for all the years of hard work and dedication? Well, if we follow the path of the majority of people, gold-plated watches, cuts in pay or pension benefits, social security checks, and a one-way ticket home when we have outlived our productive years are what awaits us!

Consider this: is it possible that from an early age we have been programmed with ideals and philosophies that have conditioned us to become good employees for others, rather than teaching us how to create our own financial security in the capitalist system? Unfortunately, this type of thought process is blindly followed by the majority of people who find themselves struggling through life. As harsh as this may sound, it is, unfortunately, true. While this system is followed by most, it is not the system followed by those who achieve financial freedom, and it is not the system offered by Heritage.

Heritage offers a superior system that is based on the power of capitalism. This is the system upon which company owners and wealthy business people have built their fortunes for centuries. Throughout history, capitalism and the free enterprise system have proven to be the most effective and most powerful economic systems in the world.

Webster’s dictionary defines capitalism as:

“The economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately owned and operated for profit.”

Though we were educated in a capitalist society, most of us were never shown how to participate directly in this system. This realization alone should shatter the average individual’s naïve acceptance of an educational system designed to produce fearful, budget-conscious employees, rather than financially successful business owners.

Heritage offers a sound economic opportunity in which those of us who are aware enough can invest in our own future and build equity for our families, while incorporating the success principles of the rich and famous. Unlike the traditional job, Heritage is an unprecedented equal opportunity – one in which we can reap as much personal and financial reward as we desire. Regardless of race, color, sex, religion, or national origin, the Heritage opportunity allows each of us to profit directly from our personal efforts and the efforts of others, rather than dedicating our time and talents to building financial security for someone else.

As Heritage Independent Business Owners, we can work full-time or part-time sharing with others the finest health products in the world while enjoying immediate and unlimited rewards for our efforts. The harder we work, the faster we progress, and the greater our financial rewards become. With Heritage, we not only profit directly from our efforts, we also have the opportunity to profit from the efforts of others – a true principle of success.

When billionaire J. Paul Getty was asked to describe the secret to amassing his fortune, his response was amazingly simple. He said that the secret is to first “find products that no one has and everyone needs – products which are consumed and must be replaced, and market them” – and second, “to position ourselves so that we can earn income from the efforts of others in the marketing process.” He declared, “I’d rather earn 1 percent on the efforts of 100 people than earn 100 percent of my own efforts!”

Heritage’s Standardized Training gives each and every Heritage Representative the chance to learn cooperative marketing from experienced professionals with documented success. These trainers effectively teach 100% of the correct knowledge and techniques needed for astonishing success. This means two very important things to Heritage Representatives:

First, regardless of who originally shared the opportunity with us, we will have the opportunity to receive 100% of the correct information along with the finest success training available, including this standardized manual.

Second, it means that we can develop a sales organization faster and far more effectively than we could if we were personally responsible for training each and every person in our sales force ourselves. This is the beauty of duplication: the financial rewards we receive from our organization’s productivity will not be restricted by our limited knowledge or training abilities. We simply allow our Representatives to learn directly from the standardized manual, regardless of location, educational background, or technology. This system allows us and our people to capitalize on the experience and expertise of professionals who really know how to get results, which makes profits for all of us!

The Heritage opportunity allows us to immediately incorporate these and many other success principles into our personal and business lives. The Heritage opportunity offers consumable products, which provide natural solutions to modern day problems and are exclusively available through our Independent Representatives only. Our cooperative marketing system provides several ways to earn immediate income as well as methods to produce long-term financial success as a result of incorporating the efforts of others.