karlbust.jpgFounded in 1993, Heritage was a natural extension of decades of expertise gained at Western Agri-Management Inc by Karl Schakel Sr. developing agricultural projects in over 60 countries feeding the worlds poorest countries. During this time, Western’s influence touched every imaginable botanical resource from fruits to vegetables to the mysterious herbs commonly thought of as traditional or ancient medicines in third world countries. With operations in over a dozen countries, Western led a scientific rediscovery of the proven benefits of natural herbs from nutritionals to medicinals.

As Western looked for ways to share this experience and expand its business, Heritage made great sense as a meaningful contribution to improving the human condition - a core mission of the Schakel family. Furthermore, as successful entrepreneurs the Schakels looked for a way to combine their nutritional background with their worldwide business savy which took them straight to network marketing as a great fit. Together with co-founder Wayne Harding, the Schakels sought to promote the spirit of achievement from a sound work ethic leading to personal wealth and success.

As the Founders brought their personal energy and philosophies to the entrepreneurial world of network marketing, Wayne Harding observed: “Believe me, I know that persons starting their own businesses want to be successful and could, if they were working in cooperation with private business people who could show them a true success model…We started Heritage as answer to several human challenges. First, a commitment to providing products that fulfill universal needs for every man, woman and child will give foundation to the Heritage opportunity; and second, the need for financial security and an opportunity to fulfill personal dreams. We believe that successful ventures are founded by and prosper through individuals with vision, enthusiasm, integrity and commitment. Our mission is to create an opportunity for these virtues to flourish, for entrepreneurs to prosper and for all of our distributor business partners to claim this – Heritage!”

This approach, combined with a driving commitment to quality, led to phenomenal growth from a standing start to revenues of tens of millions of dollars in just a few short years. Tens of thousands of distributors enrolled in 20 countries as the business opportunity exceeded any of our competitors. They then sold millions of bottles of 30 different natural health products and witnessed real results of well engineered nutritional designs.

Thousands of distributors experienced an extraordinary improvement in lifestyle beyond their imagination. Even distributors in poor countries prospered where others in mainstream occupations were victims of impoverished economies. Heritage is making a difference.

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